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BMI children USThis module calculates Body Mass Index for children from age 2 to age 18 and classifies the result according to the guidelines given by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. It also has an optional evaluation of height in relation to age.

1. Enter values for gender, height and weight.
2. The result is interpreted within four categories: Underweight (<5th percentile), Healthy weight (5th-85th percentile), Overweight (85th-95th percentile) and Obese (>95th percentile).
3. Please note, that BMI is only a very rough predictor for overweight in individuals.

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For adults, the body mass index limits for overweight and obesity are straight forward (overweight = BMI > 25 and obesity = BMI > 30). For children this is much more complicated as the limits vary a lot depending on age. This calculator uses the US guidelines that are based on fixed percentiles from a large reference population. 

A BMI of 20 indicates obesity in a 6 year old girl, whereas it would represent healthy weight for a 13 year old girl. However, as growth of children varies, the final evaluation should always be based on a several factors including physical growth, muscularity and subcutaneous fat deposits.

The calculator also includes the possibility to evaluate height in relation to age. If the child/youth scores in the high percentile range on height (above average) this could indicate that physical development is ahead of chronological age. As higher BMI is expected with increasing age (above age 6), this information can assist in a qualified evaluation of BMI.


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#1231 Jocelyn 2021-06-23 16:48
Hey I’m Jocelyn I’m 11 and I’m 4’10 1/2 and I weigh 109 is that healthy?
#1230 ellington 2021-06-18 02:39
hi i’m a 5’10 female and i’m 11 years old! currently i’m 161.0 pounds and i was wondering if that’s average??
#1229 Jack 2021-06-18 00:04
Im 11 5,1 and 106 pounds is that ok.
#1228 Mia 2021-06-16 17:35
I’m 5 foot, 14 & weigh 138 (I have a condition where it makes it harder to lose weight then people without my condition)
#1227 Chris 2021-06-15 01:33
Y name is Chris I am 10 years old and I weigh 99 pounds and 5’1 am I overweight
#1226 Rowan Danielsen 2021-06-14 11:55
Hi! I am 11 and a-half and I weigh 80 pounds. I am 5'1 and I am kind of insecure about my weight. I seem so skinny and my ribcage juts out when I have my shirt off. My dad said he looked exactly like me when he was my age. Am I normal, or something else?
#1225 Alice 2021-06-14 00:44
I am 10 years old and I weigh 120 pounds and is 5 feet tall. Am I overweight? How do I loose weight? Did exercise but didn’t loose any weight
#1224 Jacquelyn Costner 2021-06-12 22:22
hii!! Im 16 years old, 5'1 and weigh 94.6 pounds. Is that healthy?
#1223 Maggie lyn 2021-06-12 14:46
Quoting Suweyda:
i am 10 years old and 8 months old i weigh 96 pounds and 4'11 girl is that healthy

Hey there suweyda! It’s Maggie I just want to say your weight is a normal weight range for your height and age. Your doing great! As you get older the more you will gain, and that is healthy! If you have any questions ask your doctor and they will gladly reassure on any weight related questions.
#1222 Maggie lyn 2021-06-12 14:42
Quoting Bella:
I’m 12 5’6 and 117 is that healthy?

Hey Bella it’s Maggie! I just want to say..your weight is perfect! Your doing great and keep up the great work! If you have any questions talk to your doctor and they will gladly help with any weight related questions!
#1221 Maggie lyn 2021-06-12 14:37
Quoting Suweyda:
i am 10 years old and 8 months old i weigh 96 pounds and 4'11 girl is that healthy

Yes that is a healthy weight, don’t worry abt loosing or gaining weight! As you get older your weight will add on, you need that weight to keep you walking and talking. If you have any questions, the next time your at a doctor talk to them about and they will gladly reassure you.
#1220 Maggie lyn 2021-06-12 14:28
Hi there, my name is Maggie,I’m 15 years old and I’ve got a lot of stomach issues. I’m going to the doctors next week because I’ve developed an Ed over my freshman year.if you are reading this your self, pls don’t starve yourself or restrict foods, it’s heck to learn how to eat again. I get stomachaches constantly after eating and i can barely hold food down on some days. You miss it out on the best things in life. The aftermath of it is scary and relapses can happen and has happend to me recently.
#1219 ellen 2021-06-12 04:16
Quoting Jennifer:
I am 11 years old and turning 12 in four months. I am 5'2 and 105 pounds. My father says in overweight but I don't think I am. I do want to lose weight though, any suggestions? (please don't respond with that 300-400 calorie diet thing!)

hi! i’m just here to say that your father is dead wrong and your weight is so normal for your age. don’t stress and remember that you don’t need to lose weight to be happy:)
#1218 ellen 2021-06-12 04:12
Quoting Katelyn:
Hi I'm katelyn I'm 12 and I'm 5 feet and 4 inches and in 102 pounds my friends call me too skinny but I feel fat all the time.Am I healthy?

hi katelyn! trust me, you are perfectly healthy. 102 is 100% normal for your age and your friends are wrong about that. please don’t worry too much about your weight, you are not fat and you need to love yourself more!
#1217 ellen 2021-06-12 04:08
Quoting Natalia:
Hi I’m 5’5 and I am really really overweight and I am not happy with my body. I weigh 170 and I am 12 years old. In the past I have been called fat many times and I really want to loose weight and make me feel better about myself. Please give me suggestions on how to loose weight.

hi! the solution to feeling better about yourself is not to lose weight! it is to accept yourself and do the best you can for you. however, i do have suggestions for you. exercise is very important (don’t overdo it though!) and drinking water and eating a well balanced diet helps tremendously. you’re beautiful and don’t let anyone else suggest otherwise!
#1216 ellen 2021-06-12 04:03
Quoting Aunni:
Hi, I am poppy, I am 14.5, 5'2, and weigh 110 pounds, I want to lose weight to get to like 95 pounds, but i dont know how.

hi poppy! why would you want to lose weight when you are already perfect as you are? the weight that you are right now is normal. don’t stress about how much you weigh abs just enjoy life :)
#1215 ellen 2021-06-12 03:53
Quoting Sasha:
Im sasha and im 5’3 and 12 and a half i Am 96 pounds. It says im normal but my friends are all 5’0 super skinny and 75 pounds and 12-14 years old how do i lose weight at 12?

hi! in my opinion, you are perfectly fine as you are! 96 pounds is normal for your age and it seems to me that your friends are the underweight ones instead of you being the overweight one. don’t worry or stress too much about your weight and just live life :)
#1214 ellen 2021-06-12 03:50
Quoting Emilia:
I’m a 12 yr old girl that is 5’2 and a half and I’m 100 pounds is that normal?

hi! to answer your question, yes that is perfectly normal! i can assure you that you’re doing great and know that you are perfect as you are :)
#1213 ellen 2021-06-12 03:45
Quoting Mary:
Hi, I am Mary an I am 11 years old and I am 5'1. I weigh... I wanna say about 106-110 lbs. Is that overweight? I mean, mother says I'm not but I think I am fat :/

hi mary! you are not fat at all for your age. that weight range is perfectly normal for you so don’t worry about your weight and focus on doing what you like to do!
#1212 ellen 2021-06-12 03:41
Quoting lea:
hi im 10 , ll in July and im 110 pounds and im 5'1 is that overweight

Quoting Cass:
I am 5’6 1/2, female with a weight of 72lbs and I have a bit of an eating disorder

Quoting Cass:
I am 5’6 1/2, female with a weight of 72lbs and I have a bit of an eating disorder

Hi! Don’t forget that you are perfect and while eating disorders can be very tough, just believe in yourself and let other people in your life know about it and help.
#1211 ellen 2021-06-12 03:38
hi! to answer your question, you are perfect and while you seem to be a little bit underweight for your age, please don’t worry about how much you weight so much.
#1210 ellen 2021-06-12 03:31
Quoting Miley:
Hi im 4’11-5’0 11 years old and I weigh 103 is that over weight or healthy?

Quoting Jateona Ware:
Hi! I am a 13 year old almost 14 and I weight 75 pounds is that good?

[quote name="Jateona Ware"]Hi! I am a 13 year old almost 14 and I weight 75 pounds is that good?[/quo
#1209 Chan 2021-06-12 03:26
Quoting Miley:
Hi im 4’11-5’0 11 years old and I weigh 103 is that over weight or healthy?

I'd say that's healthy. This thing isn't super accurate, but it's okay if you weigh a little more than what is deemed as average for your size and age. Everyone's body functions differently, which is why this BMI test shouldn't be taken super seriously.
#1208 Chan 2021-06-12 03:17
Quoting Ty:
I’m 13 years old and 86 pounds, I can’t seem to gain weight. Are there any tips anyone might have on gaining weight?

It sounds like you have a fast metabolism, and it does take a little effort to try and make it slower. Try to get more sleep and drink water after meals instead of before. Also, drinking milk can help but most people don't like it lol.
#1207 Chan 2021-06-12 03:13
Quoting Cass:
I am 5’6 1/2, female with a weight of 72lbs and I have a bit of an eating disorder

Hey, just wanted to let you know you're beautiful no matter your weight and remember to drink some water and try to eat 2-3 full meals a day. I know it's hard, but I believe you'll get better. Have a lovely day!

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